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3 Bird white dove release for funerals

Dove Releases in Washington, DC

3 Bird white dove release for funerals

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Doves From Above

Doves from Above provides professional white dove releases for the occasion of your choice. We perform Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland dove releases. We are a family owned business with over 17 years of experience in creating dove release experiences. 

Whether you’d like us to provide a funeral dove release, memorial service, confirmation or baptism, we here at Doves from Above are happy to help. A well-executed white dove release can provide a beautiful symbolic moment for you and your guests, whatever the occasion. Doves are beautiful animals with much spiritual significance. Add a layer of beauty and spiritual profoundness to your event with the release of doves.

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Reviews of our Dove Release

  • Baltimore dove release

    Cary L

    Very well done. I wasn’t expecting the quality and attentiveness that I received after I got the price quote, but everything was wonderful.

  • Funeral dove release

    Marie T

    I've used their service several times and am always delighted. They even went to Washington DC for my sister's service. That you for such excellent service.

  • maryland funeral dove

    Montezes S

    Amazingly professional and respectful during a sensitive time.

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Benefits Why Customers Love Our Dove Releases

Memorable Moments

Imagine closing the funeral or memorial of your loved one by releasing doves. A funeral doves release provides a beautiful, symbolic moment for the family and friends of the deceased. Dove’s from Above proudly offers this service in Baltimore, Maryland and the surrounding areas, including Washington, DC.

High Quality Service

At Dove’s from Above, we take utmost care to value both its customers and the majestic birds in our care. We provide all of our clients with high quality, professional services that are reliable and customized. With over 17 years of experience in providing dove releases for funerals, we have perfected the art of timing the dove release to create a most special experience.

Accommodating Team

When you contact Dove’s from Above, we’ll begin by discussing the funeral or memorial service you’d like us to attend. We are happy to accommodate you by coordinating the dove release for your time of choice provided that it complies with our dove release terms.

Ethical Treatment of Doves

In line with our ethical treatment of our doves, all of our dove releases for funerals are accompanied by one of our dove handlers. Our doves have been carefully trained to fly into the sky, circle so that you and your guests may view them and then fly back to their loft.

Funeral Dove Release Baltimore, Maryland

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